Processing Pasture


How many hours of machine time your clearing job will take depends on a lot of variables including the size of the timber, the slope of the terrain, and the rockiness of the ground, but you should probably count on it taking approximately twice as long as you expect. Using machinery, you can go from dense forest to pasture or garden soil, in about two years time. If you’re clearing the land for pasture, after tree-shearing you can now keep it cleared either with a bush-hog or maybe even goats, but if you’re looking for soil to garden or farm, tree-shearing just isn’t the solution you need because of the roots left behind.

Turning forest into pasture is a lot more complicated than may be evident. Clearing tree cover is just the beginning; then there’s the roots themselves, seeding coverage. Essentially, you’re escalating a process that nature takes years to do – starting with fire.

Oregon State University

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